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International top forex broker, creating a friendly investment environment to help you easily access the global financial market. Follow the master's trading effortlessly to enhance your profit potential.

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Trader-friendly investment environment.

Spring Gold Market Limited originated in financial technology and was registered in Hong Kong in 2022. Spring Gold used to focus on providing technology services to financial companies and platforms, and is the company that best understands the market and customer needs. To keep up with the trends in the financial market and the wave of blockchain innovation, Spring Gold Market Limited, with years of financial experience, has established a global exchange and provides traders with a range of mature forex asset portfolios.

Spring Gold is a sincere, dedicated, and professional service team, and this belief has made us the fastest-growing provider of forex trading services, providing high-quality services to our prestigious global clients.

About us

A platform tailor-made for you.

Spring Gold Market Limited originated from a fintech company with years of focus on system technology and trading strategy development. Drawing from years of research into financial markets, Spring Gold has created a trader-friendly environment, offering ultra-low spread trading, lightning-fast trade submission, and interference-free trading.

  • Our server architecture is based on the Equinix data center to ensure the fastest and most efficient order execution.
  • We offer customers a completely transparent trading environment with no duplicated quotes or trader interference. All orders are executed fairly and openly.
  • We invite outstanding trading masters to become professional managers of our platform, and with just $100, you can join them on the road to success.

Who We are

Why we are so persistent?

Spring Gold is a forex trading platform that offers direct market access to trading orders. We share the same investment goals as our investors and believe that their continuous trading is our biggest success. We offer multiple trading modes, including the lowest transaction fee plan, to provide every trader with the most advantageous environment to win their glory.

We provide a transparent and open trading environment and use high-cost servers to ensure that your trades are not delayed or interfered with. Spring Gold offers the option to use U Coin for fund deposits and withdrawals. U Coin is currently the most widely used cryptocurrency, and by using U Coin, you can save a significant amount of transaction fees and use your funds quickly and flexibly.

We firmly believe that our success is only achieved by providing our clients with the best investment experience and working together towards a mutually beneficial future.

“When our goals align with the interests of our customers, we can create the best platform.

nova anderson

strategy advisor

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What did the professional trader say?.

Maybe SGM is not the biggest forex margin trading platform, but it has created an environment that is beneficial for traders to invest in; a friendly environment that is even more conducive for me to profit in the forex market.


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The most widely used MetaTrader platform

We are committed to providing you with an unparalleled trading experience. Of course, providing you with the best software is an important part of this goal. That's why we offer the forex trading platforms MetaTrader 4 for you to download and use for free.



Easy access to investment markets.

You can enter the investment market with a minimal deposit, and with the characteristics of margin trading, you can take advantage of small investments to achieve the greatest investment benefits. Show your trading ability and earn profits from the forex market. It only takes five minutes to open your trading account.

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